Which inequality is represented by the graph?

Accepted Solution

Answer:The correct option isn't shown on the image.  I have attached a DESMOS graph with the option listed, and added an approximate equation that comes close to the actual line.  This should aid in understanding the equations and lines.Step-by-step explanation:See attached image.The one option is noted as the first equation.  I added two points from the line provided: (0,-2.5) and (3.5,0) and then approximated an equation that comes closer.  I simply chose 3x-4y=>10, and it comes close to the actual line that goes through the two given points.To do this properly, find the equation, y=mx+b, of the given line using the two points selected:Slope, m is rise/run:Rise = 2.5Run = 3.5Slope = 2.5/3.5y-intercept, b, is -2.5The equation of the given line is y = (2.5/3.5)x - 2.5We can rewrite this in the form the answer options are given, or rearrange the answer options to standard form in order to make the comparison.  Hopefully this will help guide to the correct solution.