Chicken, hot dogs, and hamburgers were served during a recent barbecue. The host assumed that there would be no difference between what the women chose to eat and what the men chose to eat. He obtained the following dataChicken Hot Dogs Hamburgers TotalWomen 7 3 4 14Men 4 5 6 15Total 11 8 10 29Find the expected value ( E2,3 ) of a man choosing a hamburger. Round to 4 decimal places.

Accepted Solution

Answer:5.1724Step-by-step explanation:Chicken, hot dogs and hamburgers are served in a barbecue.The host assumed that there would be n difference between what a women and men chose to eat.                    Chickens             Hot dogs             Ham burgers          TotalWomen            7                           3                          4                            14Men                 4                            5                          6                           15Total                11                            8                         10                          29Therefore, the expected value ( [tex]E_{2,3}[/tex] of a man choosing a hamburger is ( 10 x 15 ) / 29=5.1724